• 3 Layer Face Mask. With 100% cotton outer layers and the important non woven interfacing middle layer. 

    The design has a curve away from your mouth as to have a mask flat against your mouth makes it extremely hot. The design also comes up over the nose, with a metal strip which should be squeezed and shaped over the nose. The design also comes down and over the chin. A cloth face mask cannot fully seal to your face but this is designed to curve around the important areas. The side have a soft elastic fabric which is comfortable around the ears and if a little to long can have a knot tied in it.

    Please read and understand the government advice on the wearing of face masks and understand how they can help but not fully prevent contracting the virus. In order to get  the right size 2 measurements will be needed as per diagram.

    Item can be washed at 30 degrees.

    These items cannot be returned due too risk of covid spread due to proximity of item being worn next to mouth.