dressed to pawfection

Our little business began its journey early in 2019, and when I say our I mean myself Kate and my 4 pawsome inspirations 2 goldies and 2 flatties. 

I have years of experience in high end fashion brands from retail, and wholesale to PR and journalism.  

I also have a background in sewing which began as an intrigue as a child into my grandmothers beautiful hand turn singer sewing machine, now a treasured possesion. That passsion carried through school where I studied fashion and textiles at  A level and went on to  study at the London College of Fashion.  

My other passion was of course my dogs. I was 5 years old when we got our first family dog and from experiencing the joy of a litter of puppies at a young age to owning my own dog, has been a joyous, sometimes frustrating, and wonderful experience. Our dogs never judge us or deny us their love and even if we get cross with them, they come running back with kisses and boundless enthusiasm and all is forgotten. They are always there to mop up our tears, make us laugh and to make us see life from a different perspective.

So hence was born brand Dressed To Pawfection, an amalgamation of my two passions, where every piece is made with love for what I do and the doggies and dog loving hoomans who will wear our brand. x